Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Digestion - 5 Yoga Asanas for Digestion

Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Digestion - 5 Yoga Asanas for Digestion

The digestive system is one of the most prominent functions in the human body. If your digestion is okay, so are your overall health and mood. Digestive problems lead to plenty of health issues and even harm your productivity as well as your mood.

Indigestion can cause stomach problems such as constipation and bloating, regardless you binge eat last night or have late-night noshing.
Natural ways such as eating healthy food and practicing yoga for digestion are grabbing people’s attention. Apart from conventional medicines for digestion, people are starting to grow interested in natural ways of getting rid of digestive problems. 

Many people believe that yoga has numerous digestive benefits, so this article will enlighten you on those benefits as well as 5 yoga asanas for digestion. 

Benefits of Yoga for Digestion

Yoga Balances Manipura Chakra

Excellent health and well-being come with a balanced energy flow through the seven main chakras. The Manipura Chakra is related to digestion in the human body, this chakra is often referred to as the Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Digestive issues such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, poor absorption of nutrients, stomach ulcers, and colonic issues can appear if the Manipura chakra is not correctly aligned or blocked.

A couple of yoga asanas for digestion like seated side bend, upward plank position, or cobra pose can be a great help in activating the Manipura chakra and improving digestion.

You would not be at a disadvantage if you practice yoga for digestion after meals. You can try poses such as the diamond pose, upward extended feet pose, or seated cat cow pose for activating the Manipura chakra and improving digestion.

Yoga For Digestive System

There are a couple of yoga asanas that can pressurize some organs in the digestive tract. Practicing yoga daily might improve blood circulation and bring natural and fresh blood to the digestive organs, hence enhancing natural functions.

Furthermore, yoga movements help food pass more efficiently through the digestive tract and digest more easily. 

Yoga Soothes the Nervous System

They weren’t wrong when they said that our brain is the main part of our body. Our nervous system, or to be precise, our brain not only has control over our movements but also controls the internal processing in our body, digestion being one of them.

The parasympathetic nervous system is part of our nervous system that is crucial for our digestion. The parasympathetic nervous system regulates "rest and digest" responses in our body, like reducing heart rate and blood pressure and enhancing digestion.

To keep your digestive health in check, it is important to calm your mind and take steps to relax your parasympathetic nervous system. Yoga includes breathing exercises, meditation, and some relaxing poses that can give your mind the relaxation you want in the first place.

Yoga Develops Healthier Habits

Do not think that you can only use yoga for digestion and gas. According to the Nirogayurved experts, this ancient exercise has plenty of other benefits that cannot be explored in one page. One of the benefits is developing healthier habits by purifying your body and mind.

Symptoms of Digestive problems

  • Constipation
  • Pain
  • Acid Reflux
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Indigestion
  • Problems in maintaining weight

5 yoga poses for digestion


Also known as Shirshasana, the headstand is the best promoter of digestion and hormonal balance. This pose reverses the gravity of the digestive organs, making it easier to release any trapped gases or food from the gut system. 
How to do it
  • In a headstand, a yoga practitioner will balance their whole body upside down with the help of their head and hands.
  • This inverted position demands that your skull is on the ground while your feet face upwards.
  • After being in an inverted position, start to focus and relax your mind and muscles.
You might feel discomfort in your first couple of attempts, but when you get used to it, you will be able to perform this yoga for digestion easily.

Seated Side Bend

This yoga asana will allow you to stretch your abdominal muscles, including your obliques and belly muscles. This yoga for digestion and gas might be helpful in alleviating bloating and gas and enhancing general digestion.
How to do it
  • Sit in a pretzel-style position while touching your hands to the floor at your sides.
  • Then, lift your left arm in the air and bend to your right side.
  • While facing outward, keep your right forearm on the floor.
  • After you are in the right position, slowly breathe in and breathe out 4-5 times.
  • Then, switch sides and repeat the process.

Frog Pose

Frog pose, also called Mandukasana, makes good use of compression in order to stimulate the digestive system. This yoga pose influences areas such as the core, hips, and inner thighs, which are important for your digestive health.
How to do it
  • First, you have to sit on your heels.
  • Then, place your palms at the intersection of the abdominal muscle and thighs.
  • Move your spine over your knees.
  • Bend ahead and relax your forehead on your knees.

Knees to Chest

Knees to chest is yoga for digestion, which is quite relaxing and can lessen lower back strain. According to the experts, this yoga poses softly massages the large intestine in the body and enhances bowel movements.
How to do it
  • Lie down on your carpet or floor.
  • Straighten your legs, and slowly bring your knees towards your chest while bending them.
  • At the limit, use your hands to pull your legs closer to your chest.
  • Take 4-5 deep breaths and hold them.

Cobra Pose

Just as the name suggests, you need to look like a cobra in order to complete this pose. This yoga pose is especially helpful for stretching your belly muscles and improving your posture. 
The cobra pose is one of the most effective yoga poses for digestion because it can be helpful in enhancing your digestion and keeping your digestive tract healthy.
How to do it
  • Lie on your stomach while placing your palms flat on the floor next to your lower ribs.
  • Extend your lower feet, as the tops of your feet must touch the floor.
  • Slowly bring your chest and head upwards by pressing your hands to the floor.
  • Make sure your elbows are moderately bent when you gradually straighten your arms.
  • As you bend upwards, your pelvis should make contact with the floor.
  • While you are in this position, look upwards without overextending your neck. 


Can yoga speed up digestion?

The constant practice of yoga can improve blood flow, prevent constipation and bloating and decrease stress, thus speeding up digestion in the body.

Which yoga is best for fast digestion?

For fast digestion, you can try a seated side bend as this pose involve lots of stretching in the belly as well as in abdominal muscles.

Which pranayama is best for digestion?

Bhastrika is the best pranayama for digestion. Stomach problems such as constipation, indigestion, and bloating can be relieved by practicing this pranayama.

Is it ok to practice yoga for digestion after meal?

Of course, the Diamond pose (Vrijasana) is the best yoga for digestion after a meal. This pose will boost digestion. Sitting in a diamond pose is way better than sitting and doing nothing.
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