Reducing a Fatty Liver - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Reducing a Fatty Liver - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

What is fatty liver?

Fatty liver is the condition in which the liver is abnormally swollen.  Swollen state of the liver is due to the accumulation of fats. It is also normal for the liver to have fats in small amounts. But anything in excess can lead to varying complications.

We are all aware of the fact that the liver is one of the most important organs of our body. Liver acts in the cleansing process of the blood. It helps in extracting the nutrients from the food and drinks. These nutrients are then processed and sent to different parts of the body. It helps in activating the metabolic functions of the body.

If we intake nutrition-rich food items in our body then we can experience good results. But if we induce harmful substances in our body then we can get unhealthy liver activities. And continuous intake of harmful substances can weaken the liver condition.  Any kind of negligence or careful action not taken can steadily damage the liver and make us suffer from liver cancer or cirrhosis. It can lead to the death of a person.

Excess fat can raise the inflammatory condition of the liver.

What are fatty liver symptoms?

 Fatty liver symptoms are:

1)   Abdomen and legs in swollen condition.

2)   Yellowish skin and whiteness in eyes.

3)   Fatigue

4)   Withdrawal or loss of interest in taking any meal.

5)    Weakness.

As per the medical studies or diagnosis, it has been found that there are two types of fatty liver.

Two types of fatty liver

1) One is alcoholic fatty liver disease.

2) And another is a non-alcoholic fatty disease.

What are the causes of fatty liver?

What are the causes of fatty liver

Problem of fatty liver arises due to the following reasons :

1. Faulty Liver

Consumption of the wrong diet and irregular lifestyle habit. Liver is a delicate organ and it is very necessary to be careful about selecting the right diet. Except white meat, poultry products, full-fat cheese, yogurt, red meat, baked items, and sugary items are harmful and cause obstruction in the function of the liver. Any fast food item like French fries, wafers and pizzas do not lead to proper support for the liver. Liver does not find an easy way to process these foods and so turn into non-alcoholic fatty liver.

2) Alcoholism 

Any kind of hard liquor takes a toll on the health of the liver. It replaces healthy cells with scar or damaged tissues. It leads to further damage to the liver and it turns into an alcoholic fatty liver. It is indeed a challenge to live without a working liver.

Fatty Liver treatment 

Fatty Liver treatment

Without proper fatty liver treatment, one can experience cirrhosis and the risk of low life expectancy.

What are the different fatty liver treatment types?

  1. Allopathic treatment
  2. Liver detox
  3. Home remedy for fatty liver

1. Allopathic Treatment

You will have to undergo physical examination and face certain questions related to your unhealthy liver condition and these are:

1)   Does anyone in your family suffer from fatty liver?

2)   How much alcohol are you consuming?

3)   Your current medical status.

4)   Any type of medication that you actually take.

5)   Experiencing changes in your health.

It is also necessary to disclose whether you are suffering from fatigue, appetite loss or any other problem. For getting resolutions for unexplained causes, you must undergo an advanced medical examination for your liver and that is known as liver biopsy. The doctor will pierce the needle inside the liver and determine the liver condition by applying local anesthesia.

It is an expensive test but you will get clarity about the liver condition.

2. Fatty Liver detoxification

Getting in touch with the natural practitioners, you will come across the information related to fatty liver detox. It is about revitalizing liver health. You must take proper supplements to remove toxins from the body. Eating a healthy diet and keeping away from processed items and food cooked in unhealthy oil is what you will be advised about. Further you will be recommended to take juice and enemas and that will sure to improve the filtration.

However, there are arguments and opinions gathered about fatty liver cleansing.  Following challenges one can face during the detoxification process:

1)   Balance of nutrition in the body.

2)   Enema causing life-threatening issues.

3)   Unlike ayurveda, it does not yield thorough recovery.

3) Ayurvedic treatment 

Ayurveda can prove to be very effective in not healing enlarged fatty liver but also bringing balance in the complete system.

Fatty liver is characterized by enhanced pitta dosha.

Ayurveda or natural home remedy for fatty liver is about the balance in vata, pitta, and kapha.

Ayurvedic medication can be chosen as per the conditions:

  1. Fatty liver without diabetes
  2. Fatty liver with diabetes

1) Fatty liver without diabetes 

You can use Liv 52 ds for fatty liver. It is composed of different organic components that have the potency to reduce fatty liver and boost healthy liver functions.

Ingredients of Liv 52 ds

The ingredients like mandur bhasma, kakamachi, himsara, arjuna, kasamarda, biranjasipha and jhavaka present in every liv 52 ds tablet will regulate the functioning of the liver.

Method of dosage

As per the fatty liver condition, you can take two tablets twice or thrice a day 

Primary benefits of Liv 52 ds

  1. It will help you to stay away from harmful chemicals that can increase the chances of destroying the protective cells of the liver.
  2. You will never suffer from jaundice, Hepatitis A and B.
  3. It will restore your digestive system and gut health and boost health. 
  4. Lakhs of Indians are using Liv 52 ds for healing fatty liver disorders and have not experienced any side effects.

It has also been found that Liv 52 ds are more powerful and effective than Liv 52.

Diet for jaundice or hepatitis

You must consume low protein and fat and high carbohydrates and glucose for the fatty liver due to jaundice or hepatitis.

2) Fatty Liver with diabetes

If you have diabetes then you must have a different type of medication. Excessive consumption of sugar or high fructose-based items can give rise to the sugar level in the blood and non-alcoholic fatty liver condition.

For the treatment of fatty liver and diabetes, you must go for home remedial measures. There are following suggested options for boosting healthy liver condition and managing diabetic conditions:

1)  Using Aloe Vera juice and kutki herb

 It will definitely bring improvement in liver function. It will break down the unhealthy fats accumulated in the liver, improve the insulin sensitivity in the body and work out in the way of guaranteeing good health. You can also consume a combination of ½ tablespoon of kutki,  ½ tablespoon of turmeric and ¼ cup of warm water to bring down the elevated sugar condition at the optimum level and boost healthy liver function.

2)  Healthy weight loss activity

With healthy weight losing exercise, you can overcome the problem of unhealthy liver symptoms and rising blood sugar. Walking, jogging, swimming and even cycling proves to be effective in minimizing high blood sugar level and stimulating healthy liver activity. 

3)  Fruits and vegetables

Consumption of any fruit and vegetable with low glycemic index can prove to be an effective home remedy for fatty liver. Eating green vegetables, beans, berries, grapefruit, apples, carrots and chickpeas can prove to be effective in bringing down the elevated sugar level and revitalizing liver health.

4)  Minimizing the consumption of refined sugar as much as possible

Avoiding the intake of refined sugar can help you to combat the unhealthy liver conditions in an effective way. You must also avoid the intake of sweetened food items. Consuming nuts, seeds, whole grains, oats, barley and soy can reduce fatty liver condition.

Drinking enough water throughout the day can keep you away from the fatty liver condition.

Further, it is always safe to consult the physician for any type of medication and diet to combat the fatty liver condition.

F.A.Q- about fatty liver

How Can I Reduce My Fatty Liver?

For reducing fatty liver, you should:

Focus on shredding fat instead of overall weight by limiting your meals, and practicing physical exercises.

Avoid substances like smoking and alcohol.

Try to take a healthy route by including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet.

Ignore every drink that has high sugar content.

What are the 3 signs of a fatty liver?

These are the 3 signs of a fatty liver.

Abdomen and legs in swollen condition.

Yellowish skin and whiteness in eyes.


Is Fatty Liver a Serious Problem?

The early stages of this disease are not problematic at all, however, if the condition gets worse, it may lead to liver damage including cirrhosis.

What is the main cause for fatty liver?

Obesity, Diabetes, or High Triglycerides are some of the major reasons for fatty liver, and people with these health conditions are likely to deal with fatty liver.

Which Fruit is Best for Liver?

Liver-friendly fruits such as apples, blueberries, grapes, oranges, etc are some great fruits when it comes to improving liver health.

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