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What are the major causes of joint pain?

Joints are located in different parts of the body: the shoulder, elbows, knees, neck, and spine. Joints are responsible for bringing flexibility and mobility in different ways. It will help in circulating our shoulders, flexing elbows and knees, spinning our necks, and twisting and turning our spines.
Many of us are affected by different problems in joints that give rise to pain, inflammation, swelling, and difficulty in movement.
With these symptoms rising in our joints, we conclude that arthritis has set in. But not every case of pain in the joint can be arthritis, there may be other reasons as well which are overlooked and not diagnosed and these are:
1) Past injuries.
2) Strenuous activity.
3) Diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, high cholesterol, and obesity.
4) Poor mental health conditions and which include anxiety, depression, and stress.
5) Aging process which adds to physical wear and tear of joints. Reducing hormonal levels with increasing age leads to loss of stamina and cartilage. Experiencing stiffness, pain, and inflammation in the joints with growing age is not so uncommon.
There is a need to study about the parts of the body where painful, inflammatory, and swollen joints are noticed. These are like:

a) Wrist pain

Experiencing painful wrists can be a major concern. Swelling, inflammation, pain, and discomfort will not let you move your hand and do your regular activity. People may have Kienbock’s disease in the wrist and experience severe wrist pain. It is because the blood circulation is disconnected from the bones in the wrist. Osteoarthritis can also be another reason for painful wrists and that relates to loss of cartilage.
However, as a natural remedial measure, Ortho Veda pain relief and massage oil can be very effective.
The ayurvedic combination of this ayurvedic oil will heal the problem from the root, bring flexibility, and mobility, stop cartilage loss and revitalize the health of wrist joints.

b) Frozen shoulder

It is another common form of joint pain noticed in the area of shoulder joints. It makes the life of a person miserable by bringing problems of immobility to the shoulder. It rises due to connecting tissues surrounding the joints of the shoulder stiffens and hardens. As a result, the person loses flexibility and struggles with moving the shoulder. Major symptoms of a frozen shoulder are stiffness, pain, inability to sleep on the side pain, inflammation, and swelling in the shoulder. Gently rubbing and massaging with Ortho Veda joint pain relief oil will bring relief from pain existing in the joints of the shoulder. It will reduce swelling and inflammation. It will control stiffness and enhance flexibility without causing any side effects.

c) Sacroiliac Joints

It has been observed that people are suffering from pain in the sacroiliac joints. These joints are found in the pelvis area which connects with the iliac bone of the spinal area. Accidents or injuries can contribute to a rising in inflammatory pain and swelling in this particular area. It is also known to be SI joint pain. Regular wear and tear can weaken the ligaments and thus lead to painful and inflammatory SI joints. Symptoms of SI joint pain can also be noticed during the pregnancy period.
Massaging with Ortho Veda joint pain relief oil will prove to be very effective during the period of severe joint pain in the area of SI joints. It will generate warmth and comfort in the muscles, ligaments, and SI joints. It will boost blood circulation, bring flexibility and make the person active.

d) Arthritis in hands

A person is suffering from arthritis pain.

Injury in the hands, fracture, dislocation and aging factors can cause cartilage loss and result in friction between the bones, inflammation, pain, and swelling. Arthritis in your hands will interfere with your daily activity. It needs proper care with any massage oil made from natural herbs. Ortho Veda has been clinically tested in labs and proven to be valid for healing cartilage loss, and controlling pain, stiffness, and inflammation in the ligaments, tendons, and other tissues enclosing the bones of the hands. Using this powerful ayurvedic massage oil, you would not be struggling with symptoms of arthritis in your hands anymore. If you are suffering from arthritis or other joint pain, you can read more about these problems on nirogayurved.

e) Swollen knee

People suffering from the problem of a swollen knee have been diagnosed with an accumulation of fluid in the knee. Symptoms noticed along with swelling are redness, inflammation, and immobility. Reasons that have surfaced for swollen knees are past injury, chronic disease diabetes type 2and excessive stress. Gently applying and massaging the affected area with Ortho Veda can produce excellent results in recovery from the debilitating condition of joints. The natural herbs present in the ayurvedic composition will boost blood circulation, reduce toxic fluid and bring flexibility to the bones.

f) Hip joint pain

There may be several reasons for hip joint pain. One of them may be the aging factor. It causes degeneration of cartilage in the area of the hip joint and follows with stiffness, inflammation, and pain. It makes bending or any form of movement difficult. Using Ortho Veda ayurvedic oil will alter pain steadily. You will experience a healing effect within a week. And sure, you would not be required for any counter medicine or surgery.
g) Knee arthritis
In other words, knee arthritis is termed osteoarthritis. It can make the person suffer for a long time. It will raise inflammation, pain, and swelling. Though there is no permanent remedy for osteoarthritis, Ortho Veda joint pain relief oil can be a very effective medicine for keeping symptoms of OA under control.

h) Arthritis pain

Arthritis pain can be noticed in one particular joint or spread to other parts of the body. Depending on the deterioration of the cartilage in the body, one can experience serious painful conditions. It may happen in the case of osteoarthritis. Another form of arthritis is Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is an autoimmune disorder that can prove to be fatal by causing damage to your major organs. To reduce symptoms, Ortho Veda ayurvedic oil has been proven to be clinically effective.

i) Knee Joint pain

A person is suffering from knee pain - nirogayurved

Ligament tears, loss of cartilage, and lack of appropriate nutrition like Vitamin D, K, and Calcium give rise to knee joint pain.

Increasing age, injury, and activity make the person suffer from weak and painful knee joints or arthritis.
Massage with Ortho Veda ayurvedic oil can alter the problems from the root and revitalize the health of knee joints.
Further, it is recommended to bring changes in your lifestyle habits. Drinking ayurvedic kadha made from black pepper,dalchini, tulsi, and saunth will keep any form of joint pain under control and boost your immune system.


F.A.Q- about joint pain

How Can I Relieve Joint Pain?

To relieve joint pain, one should:

Take a hot bath.

Apply heat pads.

Massage joints with Ayurvedic oil like Ortho Veda Oil.

Immersing the affected area in the paraffin wax.

What vitamin is good for joint pain?

Certain studies found that a deficiency of vitamin D can cause pain in joints, and if you are dealing with this pain, now is the perfect time to increase your vitamin D intake.

What Food is Good For Joint Pain?

Foods that have high contents of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and specific vitamins -- like vitamins C and A, are super important to eat during joint pain. Some foods include:

Fatty Fish

Leafy Vegetables




What home remedy is good for joint pain?

The application of heat on the affected area is a more soundable home remedy for joint pain, as it can suddenly make you feel relaxed. You can directly apply heat pads to your joints or take a hot bath, both will work better.

What is a home remedy for bone pain?

Pain in the bones can be hard to handle, but there are some home remedies that you can try to treat bone pain at home.

Eating nutrients like fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins C and D

Try to shave as many pounds as you can from your body.

First, apply a hot pack to the affected area for 20 minutes, following up, apply a cold pack for 20 minutes.

Massage with herbal ayurvedic oils such as Ortho Veda Oil, as this oil is made up of pain-killer ayurvedic herbs.

Summary: Joints are the most significant part of our body. It will bring mobility to your body and help us to perform regular activities. Joint pain is quite common these days and is noticed in different parts of the body and various forms. But the common Symptoms are pain, inflammation, and swelling. Ayurvedic oil has been proven to be revealing excellent results of recovery. Also, there is a need to maintain diet control.

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