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Top Five Effective Yoga Mudras for PCOS Problem in 2023

Though there is no suitable medicine except mudras for PCOS have proven powerful enough to produce amazing recovery results.

Every woman in her life has to go through transformations in health in several ways. Most primary change is when her menstrual cycle takes off and that results in different hormonal and physical changes. Regular menstrual cycle and a healthy reproductive system can help women experience healthy motherhood. But some women may not be fortunate enough to have a normal menstrual cycle. Often several women have been diagnosed with hormonal imbalance and cysts developed in the ovary.In medical terms , it is understood as the polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. It is a chronic disorder due to which many women gain weight.

People have been found opting for  expensive and not easy IVF treatment and prescriptions to increase the chances of fertility and conceive, there have been least chances of recovery.

As per ayurveda, PCOD is the result of imbalance of vata and kapha doshas in the body.  There are some effective hand yogas for pcos which actually brightens the chances of conceiving naturally and help women go on the journey of smooth motherhood.  

The following highly effective yoga mudras for Pcos are done during the breathing technique or pranayam, in the position of pranayam or vajrasana :

1) Detoxification Mudra:

Detoxification Mudra - Nirogayurved

In other words, this particular mudra indicates purification.

Method of doing detoxification mudra :

1) It is you will be bringing thumb finger closely to your ringer and press them repeatedly for 5 minutes during kapalbhati posture or breathing asana.

Benefits of detoxification mudra:

a) It removes the toxins from the body.

b) Help in keeping mental and physical conditions in an upright state.

c) Relieving from bad thoughts or habits.

2) Shankh Mudra :  

Shankh Mudra - Nirogayurved

It is another hand posture considered very sacred for the people related to the religion of Hinduism. It is related to placing the fingers of the hands like a conch.

Method of performing Shankh mudra : Seated in the prayer position, you will be encompassing the thumb finger of your left hand with the four fingers of your right hand and connecting your right thumb with the middle finger of your left hand. Further, you will be keeping the fingers of the left hand in the elongated position.

Benefits Of Shankh Mudra: 

a) It is very effective hand mudra for curing pcos.

Other healing benefits of one of these effective mudras for pcos are:

b) It will help in cleansing the air passage and controlling respiratory disorders.

c) It will normalize the functions of lungs.

d) It will bring relief from stress and anxiety.

3) Yoni Mudra :

Yoni Mudra - Nirogayurved

You can apply this gesture if you are going through PCOS suffering. Quite similar to shankh mudra, this particular yog mudra for pcos is used in Hindu festivals for worshipping goddess Shakti.

Method performing one of these suitable mudras for pcos is quite simple :

You will be joining your hands firstly in the Namaste position. After that, you will be folding little, ring and middle fingers inwards. In the next step you will be raising index fingers of both the hands and joining their tips. In the same way, you will be joining the tips of thumbs of both the hands and would lead to make shape of a womb.

You must practice this mudra every ten minutes for at least 3 times a day by sitting in a meditative position.

The benefits that you are going to find  :

1)  Regulation in monthly periods.

2)  Free from menstrual pain during periods.

3)  Boost immunity.

4)  Improve digestion.

5)  Removing toxins from the body.

4) Vayu Mudra: 

Vayu Mudra - Nirogayurved

It is also found to be one of the highly functional mudras for pcos. You will be involving your fingers and palm of the hands to keep your hormonal imbalance under control.

Steps of performing vayu mudra : Bending your index finger and keeping the bent index finger next to the thumb finger. You can do it any time, at day or at night. Doing this mudra will be very good for health in the long run. You can keep this particular posture of both the hands on your knees. Doing it at every ten minutes anywhere can bring highly revitalizing benefits for your physical and mental health.

Major benefits of Vayu mudra:

a) It manages the PCOS problem.

b) It helps in healing joint pain existing in any part of the body.

c) It removes stress from the body.

d) It brings relief from sleeplessness.

e) It improves digestion.

f)  It boosts strong immunity.

5) Usha Mudra:

Usha Mudra - Nirogayurved

It is another effective yog mudra for pcos control. It is a powerful hand gesture that indicates early morning. It is recommended for women to use one of these powerful mudras for pcos in the early morning hours. It will serve as the natural remedy in the form of hand mudra for hormonal imbalance in women.

How to do Usha Mudra?  You will be placing your hands in the clasped mode for the next 20 minutes. You can practice it in the morning while finding it difficult to wake in the morning. Clasping your hands and keeping it the back, inhaling several times, pressing your elbows back on the pillow and exhaling.

Usha mudra is highly beneficial for women who are suffering from hormonal issues.

The benefits that will be noticed are:

1) Healing the menstrual disorder. It is one of the effective mudras for PCOS treatment.

2) It awakens your consciousness and gives clarity to your mind.

3) It removes your fatiguness.

4) It raises your desire.

It is advice for every woman to keep practicing this hand mudra for pcos recovery and good physical and mental health.

The hand mudras for PCOS will surely rejuvenate and revitalize the immune system of women, enhance the confidence level and help to conceive naturally. There would not be any requirement for expensive IVF treatment or medicine. It is required to realize that healing exists within the human body.

Hence, it is recommended to get in touch with any yoga teacher and learn to practice these mudras for PCOS in the right way. Along with these mudras, you can use Nari Jeevan Jyoti capsules to deal with PCOS symptoms. This ayurvedic capsule is available on Nirogayurved. The recovery results will be faster. It is because these capsules are 100% ayurvedic and have the medicinal properties to heal from the root.

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