6 Amazing Benefits Of Protein Powder

6 Amazing Benefits Of Protein Powder

As per the medical research, protein has been proven to build the bones and muscles of the body, increase strength and stimulate body functions.

But infants and elderly people may not be able to chew or eat mutton, chicken, or even fish because of lack of teeth and the hardness of the food product.

It has been found that protein powder is used not only for boosting the health of the infants but also of elderly people or senior citizens. There are several benefits of protein powder.

Is protein powder safe?

Is protein powder safe - Nirogayurved

If you choose to make protein powder from dry fruits and seeds at home then you will be able to experience the amazing nutritional benefits of protein powder.

However, it is recommended to avoid the protein powder found in the market. It is because of the synthetic flavor and ingredients added into the protein powder. It can cause severe health risks.

Such health risks are:

1)  Gastrointestinal problem

2)  Increase in blood sugar.

3)  High-rated toxins found in artificially flavored synthetic protein powder. It can increase the chance of cancer.

Further buying any protein powder from the market can be expensive also.

Let's know about different types of protein powder along with their benefits through the discussion below.

For non-vegan and vegetarians

1)  Whey Protein powder

It is the protein that is generated from the milk during the cheese-making process. Making whey protein powder becomes easier when you can dry them indoors or outdoors in the sun. It is recommended not to use the oven because it quickly burns the milk.

2) Casein protein powder

It is the main protein found in milk. And that is in the form of paneer or country cheese. It can help in boosting essential amino acids

The Difference In The Benefits of Protein Powder of Whey Vs Casein

Difference between whey protein powder and casein protein powder - Nirogayurved

1)  Whey:  it gets quickly absorbed by your body. It helps in building muscles faster.  

2) Casein: it takes more time for digestion.  It helps in slow growth of muscles. However, it is far more powerful than the whey protein.  Comparatively, casein protein will nourish your body with more amino acids and other nutrients

1) Egg protein

Egg protein powder is made from the egg whites. It can be allowed to be kept in the plate for 7 days until it becomes dry. It is preferable for people who are not on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Benefits of protein powder made from egg white

1) It helps in lowering the weakness of the body.

2) It stimulates building muscles.

3) It boosts healthy weight loss.

4) It protects from infection.

5) Controls blood pressure and cancer growth.

For vegans and vegetarians

2) Pea protein

Apart from vegan or vegetarians, pea protein is applicable for the people who really are not comfortable with dairy products. You can dry the peas or buy the refrigerated dry peas from the market and grind them. It will be converted into powder.

Benefits of protein powder of pea

1) It helps in healthy muscle growth.

2) It promotes a healthy heart and weight loss.

3) It can be added to smoothies or used for making shakes.  

3) Soy protein along with dry fruits

Combining soy protein along with dry fruits like almonds, chia seeds, groundnuts, and cashew nuts in specific measures, you can grind them into powder. This protein powder is applicable for the people who are not comfortable with using dairy products.

Benefits of protein powder of soy

1) It helps in losing weight.

2) Increasing muscle mass and strength.

3) Boost excellent cardiovascular function.

4) Promotes healthy digestion and immunity.

5) It can be used for making shakes or smoothies.

You can choose any of the protein powders as per your taste and health requirements. Every protein powder mentioned above is rich in vitamins and minerals. And so, you will definitely gain benefits from using it regularly.

Overall 6 major benefits of the protein powder

6 major benefits of the protein powder - Nirogayurved

1.  Boosting healthy workout and relief from unhealthy fats:

Drinking protein powder after a workout session at the gym, let's say protein rich dry fruits will come up with positive health benefits. It will help in increasing muscles and its strength.  You can also consume protein after the workout session. You will be experiencing faster recovery from muscle loss.

2.  Balancing metabolism and suppressing appetite

Using pea protein or soy powder in smoothies or shakes will help in controlling your appetite and stimulate building muscles successfully. It will load your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It will not let you crave for any other food.

3.  Facilitating amino acids for faster muscle growth

Soy and dry fruits enriched protein powder or whey protein powder will help in increasing muscle strength. It will help in repairing the tissues and helping in quicker recovery from strenuous work out and stress.

4.  Promoting healthy weight loss.

Whey protein powder has been discovered in the process of weight loss.

5.  Stimulating healthy weight gain.

For weight gain, the powder made from dry fruits and carbs can be effective. 

6.  Revitalizing and rejuvenating skin

Plant-based protein powder made from dry fruits and peas can help in improving the quality of the skin. It will moisturize the body and skin, delay aging and reduce dryness in the body. 

Conclusion:  It is always recommended to select plant-based or milk-based protein powder than trying any protein powder with a synthetic flavor. It becomes an easy option for anyone who is not getting time to cook food regularly and get nutritional benefits. Preparing protein powder from whey, casein, peas, eggs, soy, and dry fruits can resolve your nutritional deficiency.  It has been found that use of protein powder made from various ingredients is no longer limited to bodybuilders.  It is used by people from different age groups for either weight gain, weight loss, increasing muscles, revitalizing skin, and suppressing hunger or appetite.

For further guidance for varied types of protein powder and understanding its uses, you can get in touch with Nirogayurved.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is protein powder good for you everyday?

Protein powder is the ultimate solution for all the youngsters and even elderly people. Make sure that you select the protein powder made from whole foods, whey protein, and casein. Otherwise, you will not be getting the right nutrients for your body. Moreover, home made protein powder is far more effective than artificially flavored protein powders found in the market. 

Is it good to use protein powder?

Depending on the caloric requirements of the body, it is always recommended to use protein powder over any meal cooked in oil. It is because you will be getting nutrients directly from the protein powder made from roasted wholegrains, peas or dehydrated whey or casein protein. 

What are the main side effects of protein powder?

As long as you are using homemade protein powder, it is safe. It will help in boosting nutrients for your body and burning down the nutrients. Otherwise, there may be health risks if you are using any protein powder from the market. But again, if you are planning to buy from the market, you must make sure that it is a good brand with scientific validation and testing, legally approved and well-priced. 

When should you drink protein powder?

 You can drink protein powder in form of a shake or smoothie before:

  • Before you go to sleep: To have peaceful sleep along with nourishment in muscles. 
  • After you wake up from sleep: To experience energy and strength in muscles. 
  • Before you go to work out:  Since you will be draining your energy during workout. Using protein powder before workout will help in keeping your energy level high and maintaining muscle strength. 
  • After you are done with your workout: It will help in repairing muscles and energy. 
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