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Gallstones disease : Symptoms, Causes & Treatment in Ayurveda

How does gallstones disease arise?

Gallstones are the result of excess cholesterol arising from the liver and turning into crystal deposits. These crystal deposits turn into stone and get deposited in the bile duct below the liver. This bile duct is known to be as the gallbladder. It is a condition caused by excess pitta dosha when the digestive fluid gets turned into fatty deposits. In ayurvedic terms, it is recognized as pittamashari.

In the normal condition, the gallbladder is responsible for breaking down the fatty deposits by sending the digestive fluid. This digestive fluid is passed through the tube known as bile duct. It is a part of the biliary system.

But if the gallstones deposits are formed in the gallbladder then these deposits will cause the hindrance to the secretion of digestive juice reaching to the intestines. This blockage can result in an inflammatory and discomforting situation for anyone. In some cases, jaundice can also be noticed. It happens when the digestive fluid or bile goes into the bloodstream instead of passing into the intestine.

Major signs of jaundice are:

1) Yellowish skin.

2) Whiteness in eyes.

Size of the gallstones

The size of a gallstone can vary from a small rice-like shape and size to a golf ball-like size.

What are the signs of gallstone disease? Major gallstones symptoms are:

  • Inflammatory pain in the upper right or center of the abdomen.
  • Pain in the right shoulder.
  • Back pain on the shoulder side.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Jaundice or diarrhea.
  • Clay-colored stool.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome consistently happening for more than 3 months.

Above mentioned symptoms are the same for both males and females. However, Gallstones symptoms in females are noticed when they are:

a) Above 40,
b) Obese
c) Or have children

    Is visiting a specialist or medical expert important for identifying stones in the gallbladder?

    Visiting a specialist and diagnosing gallstones through different medical tests become necessary if you experience any of the indications mentioned above.

    How is diagnosing gallstones done?

    Even though the process of diagnosing is quite expensive, it's necessary to find because and if there is any complication due to the existence of gallstones in the gallbladder or bile duct. Major types of tests and procedures are:

    1) Ultrasound

    a) Abdominal ultrasound

    By moving the transducer on the stomach, it will send the signals and as a result, an image will come up on the computer screen showing the existence of gallstones.

    b) Endoscopic ultrasound

    It is the combination of X-ray and long, flexible and light tube which is inserted through the mouth in the inner area to check any gallstone existing in the gallbladder or bile duct. This particular test is conducted when the doctor is unable to detect the existence of gallstone through the abdominal ultrasound. If you want to know more about other diseases like joint pain, piles or diabetes, etc, you can read on nirogayurved.

    2) Image scanning

    It is known as CT scanning in other words. It is the combination of X-rays and computer technology which helps in creating images regarding the gallstones and showing up on the screen if these stones are existing or not.

    3) Blood tests

    Rise in white blood cells will determine the presence of gallstones in the gallbladder or bile duct.

     By conducting any of the tests, the doctor will actually determine the complication or cause arising from the gallstone disease.

    Significant gallstones causes noticed are:

    1) Blockage in the gallbladder.

    2) Cholesterol deposits in the gallbladder turning into cholesterol polyps.

    3) Excess bilirubin in the bile duct.

    The above-mentioned causes are the opinions of the medical experts and that lead to categorizing gallstones into different types.

    What are the two major types of gallstones?

    In this image, A diagram is showing gallstones in gallbladder.

    1) Cholesterol Gallstones

    This particular type of gallstones are commonly noticed in people who have a family history of suffering from chronic conditions such as high blood sugar, irritable bowel syndrome and obesity. Consuming heavy and rich fatty items and not doing exercise regularly can give rise to the problem of cholesterol gallstones.

    2) Pigment gallstones

    Pigment gallstones arise due to infected biliary conditions. In this case, high levels of bilurubin are detected and that is caused by bacteria. Consuming high carbohydrates would cause pigment gallstones.

    Is suffering from gallstones dangerous or life-threatening?

    It can be indeed life-threatening if unattended with the right treatment or surgery in case of serious complications.

    These serious complications have been diagnosed by medical experts and these are:

    1) Acute Jaundice.

    2) Pancreatitis

    3) Cholecystitis and sepsis leading to gallbladder cancer.

    Treatment for gallstones

    1) Allopathic treatment (oral and surgical method):

    The Doctor will prescribe medication for dissolving gallstones by determining the stage of gallstones disease and its related complications.

    a) Surgeryis 

    The best way to attain recovery from gallstone. In some extreme conditions, gallbladder is removed. It is done when the gallbladder is highly infected and reaches the condition of sepsis. Digestive system will still work without it. You must avoid eating any greasy and heavy food items. It would be quite safe to consume low-fat or fat-free food items.

    b) One can use oral medication to dissolve gallstones.

    Ursodiol capsule is recommended for people who want to avoid complications. You can take ursodiol capsules 2 to 3 times a day with or without food.

    2) Ayurvedic treatment for gallstones

    It is about natural remedies for gallstones. There are ample opportunities of the cure for gallstones in Ayurveda.

    a) Ayurvedic therapies show steady recovery from mild to severe forms of gallstones. It involves the consumption of a light diet, warm water, and applying laxatives on the area of the abdomen. You can also apply oil on the gallbladder.

    You will experience the following benefits with this form of cure for gallstones:

    • It will help in removing toxins from the entire digestive tract and that involves the liver.
    • It will bring relief from gastrointestinal disorders.
    • It will regulate bowel movement.
    • It will activate a healthy appetite.
    • You will get relief from an acute or mild form of gallstones.

    3) Home remedy for gallstones

    Home remedies for gallstones.

    You can get the ingredients from the kitchen to dissolve gallstones.

    1) Kalonji

    Either you mix kalonji seeds with honey or kalonji seeds with warm water and consume it.

    2) Black pepper

    It is another best home remedy for gallstones. You can mix black pepper powder along with warm water and experience steady recovery from gallstones, experience normal cholesterol, and digestion.

    3) Turmeric

    The presence of curcumin compound in turmeric eliminates the problem of gallstones disease. You can add to your warm milk and drink it after dinner. Throughout the night, it will aid in removing the bile, cleaning gallstones from the bile duct, and boosting healthy digestion and liver.

    4) Aloe Vera

    Using aloe vera gel along with honey regularly can help in dissolving gallstones easily.

    5) Gokshura

    It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In powder form, it will show recovery from the problem of gallstones, revitalizing liver and gut health.

    Overall, it is always best to go the ayurvedic way for the treatment of gallstones. It will help in balancing doshas and overall wellness. But if the situation is in a severe stage or worsen then you can proceed with surgery and allopathic medicines.

    Further, you must have a simple lifestyle to get over the problem of gallstones. Avoid eating any unhealthy diet and have control over alcohol drinking and smoking. Yoga and meditation will surely help you in attaining recovery from this life-threatening disorder and boost your physical and mental health. You will never suffer from gallstones or any type of complication.


    F.A.Q- about Gallstones

    Are Gallstones a Serious Problem?

    Yes, gallstones are a serious problem, as they can lead to dangerous health conditions such as bile duct inflammation and infection, Acute Jaundice, Pancreatitis, Cholecystitis, and sepsis, leading to gallbladder cancer.

    What are the Cause of gallstones?

    Excessive amounts of cholesterol, too much bilirubin, or not enough bile salts are some of the major reasons for gallstones.

    How can I remove my gallstones?

    If your gallstones are not that big, some medicinal Ayurvedic cholagogue herbs such as turmeric, dried ginger, Barberry root, Dandelion root, and leaf will help you deal with gallstones easily.

    What are the Dangers of Having Gallstones?

    Gallstones can cause blockages in your tubes (ducts) that can cause serious diseases such as jaundice and bile duct infections. Also, it can cause severe pain and make your life a living hell.

    Is Gallstone Curable Without Surgery?

    Yes, some amazing ayurvedic herbs such as Turmeric, dried ginger, and dandelion root might be good for your gallstones.

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