Best Food, Drinks That Help With Periods Cramps & PCOD Management

Best Food, Drinks That Help With Periods Cramps & PCOD Management

Menstruation is a monthly cycle of bleeding between 4 to 8 days. In some cases, it can last for 10 days. Menstrual bleeding can be painful for many women. To bring relief from painful menstruation or periods cramps, diet plays an excellent role. It involves food and drinks that help with periods cramps

As per the recommendation of a nutritionist, one should avoid certain food and drinks that do not go well with menstrual cramps.

Food triggering period cramps are :

  1. Salty and soury food items, avoid eating chat and tamarind rich food stuff.
  2. Consumption of processed food, red meat and refined grains. 
  3. Frozen food like ice cream. 

Drinks To Avoid During Menstruation

  1. Sugary drink.
  2. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages.
  3. Coffee and milk.

Understanding The Causes And Outcome of Menstrual Pain

Causes and outcomes of menstrual pain - Nirogayurved

Menstrual cycle usually starts at the age of 12 or 13 and in some cases, it may be little more early and that is at 9 or 10 years. It is the result of the hormonal changes that prepares the uterus for conception. It leads to release of egg and getting fertilized and in case if it is not then it gets expelled in the form of blood and tissues. In this situation, the uterus contracts to release the matter and it can be painful. Higher amounts of tissues can cause more painful situations or periods cramps. 

Followed with menstrual cramps, one can undergo changes in mood, stress and bloating of the stomach. 

Reasons of menstrual cramps

  1. Tissue lining on the fallopian tubes, ovary and pelvis.
  2. Growth of the tissues in the uterine wall. 
  3. Tissues turning into muscle walls of the uterus.
  4. Sexually transmitted infection.
  5. Opening can be very small. 

Outcome of menstrual cramps

  1. Cause interruption in your daily schedule pertaining to your studies and work.
  2. Can raise the problem of infertility

Finding food and drinks that help with periods cramps

Level of menstrual pain or cramps may vary from one woman to another. Some may go through severe pain or some can witness mild pain. There are some allopathic medicines that can alleviate pain. But there may be signs of complications like:

  1. Acidity.
  2. Heart problems.
  3. Ulcer in stomach.
  4. Constipation. 

Nutritionist or any gynoecologist would suggest you to also include specific eatables or beverages to control the cramps.

Food and drinks that help with period cramps are: 

  1. Green leafy vegetables and fruits.
  2. Juice made from vegetables and fruits extracts like carrots, pineapple and carrot.
  3. Warm water or herbal tea.
  4. Whole Grains and legumes. 
  5. Nuts and seeds. 

List of Food That Control The Period Cramps

List of food that control the period cramps - Nirogayurved

Given below are the list of fruits and vegetables to compensate for the red blood cells loss during menstruation and controlling the cramps: 

1. Bananas : It is the presence of fiber and magnesium in bananas that helps in easing bowel movements and controlling the period cramps. 
2. Lemons : Menstruation causes loss of red blood cells.Use of lemons in the regular diet will help in absorption of iron and fiber from the food. It will help in preventing weakness in muscles and stopping menstrual cramps. 
3. Oranges: Presence of vitamin C is more in oranges than in lemon. It is rich in nutrients which are magnesium,potassium and vitamin D. That is the same as that of milk. Consumption of two oranges a day will bring relief from menstrual pain and cramps. 
4. Broccoli : It is rich in iron and fiber and that makes for the ability to control the menstrual cramps. 
5. Kale It is rich in iron along with calcium and magnesium to prevent menstrual pain and cramps.

List of Drinks That Help With Periods Cramps

List of drinks that help with period cramps - Nirogayurved

Information given below are  hot drinks that help with period cramps
1. Green tea : Drinking green tea will result in reducing cramps and promoting relaxation in the body and mind. It will serve as antioxidants and ease the menstrual flow without letting the woman suffer from severe pain and cramps in the abdomen.
2. Warm water : Drinking hot water will ease flow of blood without making the woman suffer from any cramp or pain in the lower abdomen.

    Consuming normal water is also an excellent solution to minimize pain during the menstrual cycle. 

    You must drink 1.5 liters to 2 liters of normal water daily to overcome :

    1. Loss of bleeding and menstrual cramps.
    2. Dehydration 
    3. Fatiguess and 
    4. Indigestion and diarrhea.
    5. Constipation that rises during menstruation.     
    3. Hot chocolate : Avoid using processed chocolate with synthetic flavors or sugar. It will not help in improving your condition of health during the menstrual cycle. Use raw cocoa powder, honey and milk with little bits of vanilla and salt and 
    1. Get nourishment with magnesium, iron and potassium.
    2. Free from toxins.
    3. Have normal hormonal balance. 
    4. Experience excellent pain relief. 

    Non carbonated Cold drinks that help with period cramps 

    1) Can be a blend of fruits and vegetables.

    2) Added with organic elements.

    3) Without sugar and synthetic matter. 

    Examples of 3 Drinks That Help With Period Cramps are: 

    Combination of carrot and orange juice : The combination will serve as the best juice to drink during periods because of following reasons:
    1. Rich in magnesium, iron and magnesium.
    2. Manage the loss of red blood cells. 
    3. Control cramps and ease contractions. 
    4. Bring relief from stress.         
    Green smoothie : You can prepare smoothies from the extracts of kale, spinach, ice, lemon, kiwi, honey and even milk. It will help in : 
    1. Enriching you with iron and magnesium,
    2.  Reduce cramps, bring relief from stress and enhance energy. 
    Pineapple juice : On drinking pineapple juice on a regular basis, you will be able to:
    1. Experience smooth flow without feeling pain or cramps in the lower abdomen.
    2. Getting stress free.
    3. Stay active.

    The above mentioned food and drinks that help with periods cramps, also ensures of controlling :

    1. PCOD symptoms.
    2. Boosting normal circulatory health.
    3. Reducing obesity and maintaining sugar at optimum level.
    4. Not causing any side effects. 

    Further, these food and drinks that help with period cramps are:

    1. Easily available and prepared.
    2. Tasty and delicious.
    3. Promoting excellent uterine health. 

    What is PCOD?

    What is PCOD - Nirogayurved

    Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOD in other words is the condition when the ovary does not produce eggs or may produce unhealthy eggs. It makes the woman conceive naturally. In this situation, she may go through some difficulties like : 

    1. Abnormal bleeding or scanty bleeding.
    2. Premature birth or miscarriages.
    3. Hormonal imbalance.
    4. Growth of facial hair.
    5. Type 2 diabetes condition. 

    Are ayurvedic drinks that control periods cramps effective?

    Nirogayurved throws light on the use of herbs or ayurvedic liquids in managing cramps and PCOD. Such herbs are :

    1. Lodhra 
    2. Nirgundi
    3. Ashok
    4. Salai Guggal

    Such above mentioned herbs can be taken in form of churna, capsule or as drink can:

    1. Excess menstrual bleeding.
    2. Regulate menstrual cycle.
    3. Minimizes ovarian cysts followed by menstrual cramps.
    4. Increasing the chances of conceiving naturally.
    5. Not cause any side effects.

    Nari jeevan jyoti is made from lodhra, nirgundi, ashok and salai guggal. You can use it in a capsule or liquid form to recover from cramps and infertility issues.

    The studies have proven the effectiveness of following mudras for PCOS management : 

    1) Ushas Mudra : You will be lying down and facing the wall.You will be interconnecting fingers of both the hands. You will be keeping the hands in clasped form behind the head or above or on the belly level following with normal breathe in and breathe out.

    2) Yoni Mudra : Keeping the hands in a namaste position followed by index fingers of both the hands touching one another. And rest of the fingers in the bent condition touching the palms.

    Conclusion : Few days of menstruation becomes miserable for many women. It is because of the menstrual cramps. There are several physical conditions which do interfere with menstruation.To know what helps with period cramps, it is: 

    1. Natural and nutritious meals rich in green leafy vegetables, root vegetables and juicy fruits.
    2. Natural hot or cold drinks made from green tea, pineapple and other fruit extracts.
    3. Performing yogic mudras with your hands and fingers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Question PCOS or PCOD - Nirogayurved

    What Drinks Help With Period Cramps?

    Drinks that are not carbonated and rich in caffeine. You must drink pineapple juice or green tea. Any of these will help to combat your periods cramps and bring relief from pain and stress existing in your body during menstruation. 

    What Should I Drink During My Period?

    You can drink 10 to 12 glasses of water a day or fruits enriched with vitamin C, magnesium and iron. 

    How To Reduce Menstrual Pain Instantly?

    By drinking warm water or keeping a hot water bag on the abdomen.

    How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps Fast In Bed? 

    Either you can do ushas mudra by clasping the hands together and keeping on the abdomen, drinking normal or hot water. 

    How To Stop Period Pain Immediately At Home ? 

    1. Massaging on the abdomen area with any pain relieving oil made from natural herbs.
    2. Performing any relaxing exercise like ushas mudra or yoni mudra.
    3. Drinking hot water or keeping a hot water bag on the abdomen area. 
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