Top 15 Food For Piles: Can A Diet Help To Fight Piles or Hemorrhoids

Top 15 Food For Piles: Can A Diet Help To Fight Piles or Hemorrhoids

Condition of piles or hemorrhoids causes miserable conditions for any one. To understand piles and fissures in a better way
Piles or hemorrhoids are the outcome of constipation issues or stool hardening. Such a situation makes the person build intense pressure to discharge the stool. It leads to swelling of tissues near or within the anal area and causes internal and external hemorrhoids.
Fissures are the results of the cuts or wounds near the anal area.
Apart from choosing medication for piles treatment, one should also be wise enough to use the food for piles.

Ayurvedic studies specify certain food items which can not only manage the piles or hemorrhoids but also not let piles symptoms arise at the preliminary stage.

Major piles symptoms are :
Major piles symptoms - Nirogayurved

  1. Inflammation
  2. Pain
  3. Itching
  4. Irritation
  5. Swelling
  6. Bleeding

Food for piles happens to be :

  1. A combination of green leafy vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
  2. Not acidic, inflammatory and alcoholic.
  3. Not nicotine or any addictive substance.
  4. Without surgery.
  5. Natural cure with promising recovery within a week.
  6. Balancing doshas.
  7. Promoting complete wellness.
  8. Healing from the root level.
  9. Not causing any side effects.

15 Food For Piles Treatment Are Discussed Below

15 Food for piles treatment - Nirogayurved

1) Cruciferous vegetables : It includes vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, brussels, turnips and cabbage. It is due to the presence of insoluble fiber in these vegetables that make for perfect food to cure piles.
Having any of these vegetables on a regular basis will boost:

  1. Strong gut health and stimulate smooth bowel movement
  2. and easy stool discharge.
  3. Strengthen immune system.

2) Artichokes: It is another powerful food for piles loaded with fiber based ingredients. It will help in improving the metabolism of the body and that includes recovery from indigestion and constipation. It will reduce piles symptoms and stimulate in maintaining gut health normal and steady.

3) Lentils: Chickpeas, lentils, lima beans and split beans are rich in fiber and that can be effective food for piles. It will help in :

  1. Recovering from anal disorders like constipation, piles and fissures.
  2. Easing the anal passage.
  3. Softening the stool.

4) Berries: Raspberries, blackberries and strawberries are high in fiber with sufficient water to function as good food for piles.
Consuming 100g of berries every day will bring :

  1. Lubrication in the anal passage.
  2. Soften the stool.
  3. Stimulate easy digestion.

5) Corn: Presence of 6.5g fiber in the corn stands as absolute food for piles. There is evidence of usage of corn as food for hemorrhoids in the past because of :

  1. It helps in preventing cellular damage.
  2. Bringing relief from toxins.
  3. Reversing the gut issues.
  4. Brings relief from straining in the toilet.
  5. Eases the stool discharge.

6) Potato: Whether it is a normal potato or sweet one, it will help in healing hemorrhoids naturally.

  1. It is due to the presence of soluble fiber in regular potato and insoluble fiber in sweet potato, one can attain :
  2. Recovery from constipation.
  3. Easing anal discharge.
  4. Improving digestion.

7) Tomatoes: Rich in fiber and water, tomatoes serve as excellent laxative food for piles. Presence of naringenin in tomatoes will :

  1. Reverse constipation.
  2. Stimulate easy stool passage.
  3. Stop all the piles symptoms.

8) Citrus fruits: Selecting fruits like lemon, oranges and grapefruits will help in :

  1. Smooth stool discharge.
  2. Healing constipation.
  3. Serving as nourishment to the body with fiber.
  4. Bringing relief from stress.

9) Kiwis: Eating 100 g of kiwi fruit every day will serve as effective food for hemorrhoids. It will help in :

  1. Making anal passage easier for stool discharge.
  2. Cleanse the stomach.
  3. Stop constipation and piles symptoms.

10) Barley: Having a cup of barley water becomes essential for the people who are suffering from piles and fissures.
Benefits projected by using barley water are:

  1. Formation of viscous gel in the colon area.
  2. Aiding digestion.
  3. Altering constipation, piles issues and gastritis.

11) Beans: Cooking dried beans and eating them will serve as the successful solution for piles. It is because of the presence of fiber in beans that will:

  1. Heal constipation.
  2. Clear the way for the stool discharge without bleeding, pain and irritation.
  3. Reduce swelling.
  4. Lower fat from body.

12) Bread, pasta and cereals made from wholesum grains: These food items made from wholesome wheat grains are rich in fiber and will :

  1. Increase the weight of the stool.
  2. Not let you strain anymore.
  3. Soften the stool and anal passage.
  4. Reduce obesity.

13) Pears: This fruit will help in recovering from piles symptoms without making the person suffer from:

  1. Any form of pain, discomfort ,irritation, bleeding and swelling arising due to hemorrhoids.
  2. Soften the anal passage.
  3. Cause easy stool discharge.
  4. Improve digestion.

14) Apples: Eating an apple daily can work as helpful food for piles treatment. The presence of fiber in the apples will help:

  1. In collecting large amounts of stool.
  2. Cause lubrication in the anal area.
  3. Easing stool discharge.
  4. Improving digestion
  5. Strengthening immunity

15) Dried prunes: Alubukhara eaten in dried form or in boiled form will improve:

  1. Digestion process,
  2. Reduce constipation and symptoms of piles
  3. And manage obesity.

Apart from using different food items for piles treatment, never forget to consume water. It is an important medicine that stimulates clearing bowels if taken early in the morning.
Ayurvedic experts from Nirogayurved prepares a diet chart and it will definitely help in recovering from piles, constipation or any anal disorder.

Diet Plant Chart For Hemorrhoids

Diet plan chart for hemorrhoids - Nirogayurved

Early Morning

Morning drink : It is recommended to drink hot water in the empty stomach or add 1 tablespoonful of flaxseeds/ juice of wheatgrass or aloe vera extracts.
However, out of these is best aloe vera juice. It is known to soften stool faster and heal the bleeding and inflammatory piles.

Suggested breakfast plan

1) For a vegetarian : Consuming oats with milk/ roti stuffed with dal or vegetables/ upma.
2) For a non vegetarian : Combination of whole grain toasts and boiled eggs.
Post break fast meal: Juice from any fruit extract



1) For vegetarian : Multigrain Roti/ Wholegrain boiled rice meal along with spinach, vegetables and lentil curry.
2) For non vegetarian: Consuming chicken curry with multigrains roti or wholegrain rice.


Meal in the evening: Consuming chia seeds in roasted form / veg corn soup / chicken soup ( Non vegetarian).

Dinner: Having a combo meal of chapati and mixed vegetables curry.

Yoga or exercise

Yoga or exercise for piles - Nirogayurved

You can practice jogging, running or participate in any outdoor game to keep metabolism active and bowel movement normal before meals or at the beginning of the day.
You can also do yoga for digestion after all the meals are over. The easy one is the samasthiti pose or standing posture.

Steps to do samasthiti

You will be keeping your hands close to your body in standing condition and without making any contact.
You will focus on the nose tips and breathing twice.
And then relax yourself
Its benefits are:

  1. Improving digestion
  2. Bringing relief from piles and constipation.

Ayurvedic medicine if any Combo pack of capsules, powder and oil of Dr. Piles Free will serve as best ayurvedic medicine for piles and fissures.
Its ingredients are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herbs like arshogna, kutaj, nag kesar and mochras.


  1. Reducing the piles tissues along with bleeding, irritation and burning sensation in the anal area.
  2. Stimulating easy stool discharge.
  3. Strengthening the digestive or gut health.
  4. Not causing any side effects.


Problem of piles or fissures may be different from one another but both develop in the anal area and cause discomforting situations followed with pain, bleeding and inflammation. Recovery is possible when oral and topical medication is combined with different food items for piles. Such food may be green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, fruits both dry and juicy and wholegrains. Piles treatment also includes proper diet and lifestyle management.


Food for piles F.A.Q. - Nirogayurved

I have tried all types of stool softening medicines and creams to get relief from piles, yet I have not succeeded. Is there any ultimate remedy for it?

Drinking a lot of water and consuming a liquid based fiber rich diet. Further, you can apply coconut oil on the affected area to heal the wound, bleeding and inflammation.

You can try with a sitz water bath. You will be sitting in lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutes to bring immediate relief from painful, itching, bleeding and inflammatory piles. It will reduce the swelling also.
Unlike any allopathic medicine, you will not suffer from side effects with these home remedial options.

How to deal with piles during pregnancy or post childbirth?

Simply, as you do during normal situations. You can use lukewarm water for a sitz bath and apply coconut oil as a pain reliever along with inflammation, swelling and bleeding. Also, consuming 10 to 12 glasses of water a day along with a variety of green leafy and root vegetables and wholegrains. Avoid eating chillies and processed foods as much as possible.

How can I heal fissures at home?

Increase fiber intake, drink plenty of water, do exercise or yoga and apply coconut oil or petroleum gel to heal the wounds and bleeding.

Is fistula life threatening?

Patients suffering from fistula have found good results of recovery with consuming a fiber rich diet, drinking a lot of water and leading a stress free life.

What should be the immediate medicine for piles?

Drink a lot of water , relax and have a liquid based diet made from fiber rich vegetables, lentils and wholegrains.

Which food should I avoid during constipation and piles?

You must stay away from eating food items prepared with inflammatory spices. Avoid frozen and canned foods. Also do not consume processed food items and alcohol. You must also avoid smoking or any type of dehydrating agent. Keep yourself inwardly moisturized with sufficient water, juice from the fruits and vegetables or any liquid based diet enriched with fiber.

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